Daniel Alexis

Daniel, is a self-taught contemporary artist who has a deep-rooted fascination with the abstract beauty of landscapes and cityscapes. Recently, he has ventured into the thrilling world of urban street art, drawing inspiration from graffiti-influenced pop art to create bold, captivating works.

A native of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Daniel's artistic journey is profoundly intertwined with the remarkable landscapes that have surrounded him since birth, the stunning Shropshire hills, an area renowned for its natural splendor. This breathtaking backdrop serves as a wellspring of inspiration and the primary subject matter for his artwork.

Discover the essence of Daniel's creativity as he consistently produces fresh, original pieces each week. Not only can you explore his art here on this website, but he also shares his works on his social media platforms and personal website at www.danielalexisart.co.uk, inviting you to experience the evolving expressions of his passion for art.